Apr 2016: The future of commissioning [Event]

19 April 2016

Tuesday 19 April 2016, 10am to 4pm
Friends Meeting House, Euston, London

The aim of this PRUComm seminar is to provide a forum to discuss current commissioning issues and system of change in England including:

  • Current policy developments
  • Research fidnings from PRUComm research on commissioning, competition and public health
  • Performance and governance issues


  • Jonathan Walden (NHS Commissioning Policy and Sponsorship, Commissioning Policy Lead)
  • Dr Imelda McDermott (PRUComm, University of Manchester)
  • Dr Iestyn Williams (Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Erica Gadsby (PRUComm, University of Kent)
  • Dr Pauline Allen (PRUComm, London School of Hygine & Tropical Medicine)
  • Panel discussion on the future of commissioning: Professor Kath Checkland (PRUComm, University of Manchester), Dr Julia Simon (NHS England), Dr David Paynton (Royal College of General Practice), and Julie Wood (Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners)