October 2021: Health and Care Bill commentaries

5 November 2021

GPs.jpgFollowing a White Paper issued in late 2020 outlining proposed NHS structural reorganisation aimed at improving collaboration and integration of services [see March 2021: NHS Reorganisation - Policy Research Unit in Commissioning and the Healthcare System], the text of the Health and Care Bill was published in July 2021.

PRUComm has produced three commentaries on aspects of the Bill which are of particular relevance to our research programme. These are

  1. Governance of Integrated Care Boards and their relationships with local partners 
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  2. Accountability of the new NHS statutory system, both vertically up the NHS hierarchy and horizontally between local organisations and stakeholders 
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  3. Procurement of health services by the NHS and associated issues of competition, pricing and patient choice
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These commentaries explain how the proposed legislation intends to give effect to the aims of the White Paper and then consider the implications of the provisions in the light of current developments on the ground in the NHS.