Oct 2020: NIHR Public Interest Group calls for a revamp of the UK's public health function

14 October 2020

Professor Stephen Peckham, director of PRUComm, and a group of other leading scientists from the NIHR Senior Investigators Public Health Interest Group, are calling on the Government to rethink how public health is organised in the UK.

Following the current Covid-19 pandemic, the group want to see a truly integrated public health function that will provide leadership and expertise nationally, regionally and locally within the NHS, local authorities, and local and national government.

In their joint BMJ blog, the leading senior investigators reflect on what direction public health should be taking in the UK. They want to see the NHS move away from being simply an 'illness provider' and a 'security net' with more of a 'partnership approach' to public health and urge current politicians to learn from the past.

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