June 2021: Exploration of the National Health Services Community Services Data Set Report

9 June 2021

This report describes and explores the newly publicly available aggregated national Community Services Data Set (CSDS). The data are available monthly from October 2017 aggregated to provider level for public use. A brief review is provided about data held by CSDS: 1) a range of Care Activities provided; 2) Care Contacts stratified by gender, age group, attendance status and medium, through which the care contact was conducted; 3) Patient Care Contacts, i.e. the number of patients who used care contacts, by gender and age group; 4) Immunisations by age group; 5) Patients with Referrals by gender and age group; and 6) Referrals to community services by gender and age group, source, reason and age group. This report includes an assessment of the data quality for researchers’ and policy makers’ information. We used the data between October 2017 and September 2019, with some initial insights made from the dataset between October 2017 and December 2018.

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