Dec 2020: Primary Care Networks: exploring primary care commissioning, contracting, and provision

11 December 2020

Today we can publish the interim report from our Primary Care Networks evaluation. The initial stages of the project included: interviews with policy makers to explore their objectives for PCNs; quantitative analysis of the size and shape of PCNs on the ground, including their make up and disease burden; and telephone interviews with CCG leads responsible for supporting PCNs as they develop. We show that there are multiple policy objectives espoused for PCNs, and that these may not be mutually compatible, at least in the short term. We also show that PCNs are highly variable in their size and constitution, and as such will face differing challenges. Finally we highlight how important CCG support and managerial expertise has been in the early stages of PCN development. We consider the implications of these for ongoing policy development as PCNs respond to current challenges.

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