Eleventh National GP Worklife Survey 2021

13 April 2022

Telephone survey two - short report: PCNs and COVID-19

13 December 2021

Short report of a telephone survey (August - December 2020) with Clinical Commissioning Group respondents regarding Primary Care Networks' response to Covid-19.

PRUComm PCN - Telephone Survey Two_PCNs and Covid-19.pdf

November 2021: Health and Care Bill 2021 briefing - General Practice commissioning

29 November 2021

November 2021: Measuring unmet health and care needs among older people using existing data

25 November 2021

A new brief on measuring unmet health and care needs among older people using existing data

BRIEF: Measuring unmet health and care needs among older people using existing data

November 2021: Research note exploring the potential role of provider collaboratives

25 November 2021

Recent policy developments, including the Health and Care Bill 2021, suggest that provider collaboratives will be an important part of the collaborative landscape, alongside ICSs, place based partnerships and primary care networks.
Read our research note exploring the potential role of provider collaboratives here >>

October 2021: Health and Care Bill commentaries

5 November 2021

GPs.jpgFollowing a White Paper issued in late 2020 outlining proposed NHS structural reorganisation aimed at improving collaboration and integration of services [see March 2021: NHS Reorganisation - Policy Research Unit in Commissioning and the Healthcare System], the text of the Health and Care Bill was published in July 2021.

PRUComm has produced three commentaries on aspects of the Bill which are of particular relevance to our research programme. These are

  1. Governance of Integrated Care Boards and their relationships with local partners 
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  2. Accountability of the new NHS statutory system, both vertically up the NHS hierarchy and horizontally between local organisations and stakeholders 
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  3. Procurement of health services by the NHS and associated issues of competition, pricing and patient choice
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These commentaries explain how the proposed legislation intends to give effect to the aims of the White Paper and then consider the implications of the provisions in the light of current developments on the ground in the NHS.

August 2021: National Evaluation of the Vanguard New Care Models Programme: Report of qualitative case studies

12 August 2021

This report forms part of a wider evaluation of the National Vanguard programme, funded by the NIHR Policy Research Programme and taking place between 2017 and 2021. The aim of this national evaluation is to explore the implementation and impact of the Vanguard New Care Models programme. This study forms part of a wide-ranging evaluation for the programme, which incorporated internal evaluation by the NHS England Operational Research and Evaluation team, locally commissioned evaluations of each Vanguard as well as this independent evaluation.

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June 2021: 10th National GP Worklife Survey

14 June 2021

The National GP Worklife Survey was run for the 10th time in 2019, and the results are now available. We found that the mean level of overall satisfaction, measured between 1 (extremely dissatisfied) and 7 (extremely satisfied), increased by 0.24 (95% CI: 0.08, 0.40) points from 4.25 in 2017 to 4.49 in 2019. Mean levels of satisfaction increased between 2017 and 2019 to varying degrees in all nine domains of job satisfaction, although this remains lower than the peak of satisfaction found in 2005. Overall hours of work showed a slight decline, but responses to questions about stressful aspects of the job suggest that GPs feel they need to work increasingly intensively. Intentions to quit practice remain high, with 63% of respondents over the age of 50 reporting a considerable or high likelihood that they will leave patient care roles in the next five years. More worryingly, perhaps, 11% of GPs under 50 suggested they might also leave, although this is a slight decline since 2017.

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June 2021: Exploration of the National Health Services Community Services Data Set Report

9 June 2021

This report describes and explores the newly publicly available aggregated national Community Services Data Set (CSDS). The data are available monthly from October 2017 aggregated to provider level for public use. A brief review is provided about data held by CSDS: 1) a range of Care Activities provided; 2) Care Contacts stratified by gender, age group, attendance status and medium, through which the care contact was conducted; 3) Patient Care Contacts, i.e. the number of patients who used care contacts, by gender and age group; 4) Immunisations by age group; 5) Patients with Referrals by gender and age group; and 6) Referrals to community services by gender and age group, source, reason and age group. This report includes an assessment of the data quality for researchers’ and policy makers’ information. We used the data between October 2017 and September 2019, with some initial insights made from the dataset between October 2017 and December 2018.

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March 2021: NHS Reorganisation

12 March 2021

The current NHSE legislative proposals to restructure the NHS, set out in this government white paper in February 2021, represent a profound change to the way that services have previously been overseen and planned. PRUComm colleagues are concerned about the lack of detail and the failure to explain how current functions will be carried out in the new system, as well as the effects on accountability of the proposals. This report summarises the main issues we think the proposals raise.

PRUComm report (March 2021) >>

Evidence submitted to the Health and Social Care Select Committee inquiry (April 2021) >>

NHS white paper >>