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Our people


Professor Stephen Peckham, Director

Professor Stephen Peckham, DirectorDirector & Professor of Health Policy, University of Kent

Stephen is Professor of Health Policy and has a joint appointment as Director of the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent and as Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Health Services Research and Policy at LSHTM. He is an experienced qualitative researcher and policy analyst. His main research interests are in health policy analysis, organisational and service delivery, primary care and public health.

Professor Pauline Allen, Co-director

Professor Pauline Allen, Co-directorProfessor of Health Services Organisation, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Pauline has researched health services governance for over 20 years after a first career as a company commercial lawyer. Her research interests include commissioning and contracting for health services, competition and co-operation in the NHS and different types of providers to the NHS.

Professor Katherine Checkland, Co-director

Professor Katherine Checkland, Co-directorProfessor of Health Policy & Primary Care, University of Manchester

Kath is a practising GP and Professor of Health Policy and Primary Care at the University of Manchester. Her research focuses upon health policy, organisation and management, with a particular focus upon commissioning, service planning and the organisation of primary care.

Professor Shereen Hussein, Co-director

Professor Shereen Hussein, Co-directorProfessor of Care and Health Policy and Evaluation and Associate Director, PSSRU, University of Kent

Shereen joined PSSRU in 2018. Before this, Shereen worked for 15 years at the Policy Institute, King’s College London, becoming a Chair in 2014. Her work focuses on ageing demographics, long term care demands, care and health workforce and migration. She has led large projects on migration/mobility and global care; transnational social work; diversity and equality, wage poverty, structures and differentials and evaluated national schemes on improving workforce outcomes and piloting new models of working in care and health settings.

Professor Matt Sutton, Co-director

Professor Matt Sutton, Co-directorChair in Health Economics, University of Manchester

Matt is the Director for the Applied Health Research Domain at Manchester. His research addresses the financing and organisation of health care, the healthcare workforce and influences on health and health behaviours. It primarily involves the development and application of micro-econometric techniques.


Research Team

Dr Simon Bailey

Dr Simon BaileyResearch Associate, University of Kent

Simon is interested in the adoption of new knowledge, practices, technologies and roles and the manner in which these become embedded and institutionalised within healthcare organisations. His research expertise is in qualitative, ethnographic and arts-based methods.

Nadia Brookes

Nadia BrookesSenior Research Fellow, University of Kent

Nadia’s research interests focus on social care, health, service delivery and outcomes in a mixed economy context. She has a particular interest in innovation in public services.

Professor Lindsay Forbes

Professor Lindsay ForbesClinical Professor of Public Health, University of Kent

Lindsay is a public health scientist with interests in understanding patterns of ill-health and health systems to address the needs of the population. Recently, her work has been in two main areas: design and evaluation of primary care services, and systems to build evidence of what works to improve the health of the public.

Dr Jonathan Hammond

Dr Jonathan HammondResearch Fellow, University of Manchester

Jonathan is a health policy and health services researcher specialising in qualitative and observational methods. He has a particular interest in the NHS and health care policy history, governance, political economy, institutionalism, and anthropology.

Dr Olga Boiko

Dr Olga BoikoResearch Fellow, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dr Olga Boiko is a Research Fellow at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has a specialism in medical sociology and health services research and has been involved in a wide range of quality improvement, implementation and evaluation studies. Her papers are published in the journals of Sociology of Health and Illness, Health Expectations, BMC Health Services Research and other journals. She joined the PRUComm centre in April 2020 to work on the evaluation of integrated care systems in the UK NHS.

Dr Gintare Malisauskaite

Dr Gintare MalisauskaiteResearch Associate, University of Kent

Gintare is a Research Associate working at the University of Kent in the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) and School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR). Her interests include health economics, policy research and applied econometrics.

Dr Marcello Morciano

Dr Marcello MorcianoSenior Lecturer, University of Manchester

Marcello is a Senior Lecturer in the economics of health and social care at the Health Organisation, Policy and Economics group, University of Manchester. His research fields are the health and public economics of ageing, applied micro-econometrics, inequality in health (care) and social care utilisation, the economics of disability, and microsimulation.

Dr Dorota Osipovič

Dr Dorota OsipovičResearch Fellow, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dorota has a background in sociology and social policy. She is interested in health policy analysis, health system governance, the use of competition in commissioning health care services and social attitudes to provision of public services.

Dr Marie Sanderson

Dr Marie SandersonResearch Fellow, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Marie is a research fellow with PRUCOmm and has a background as an NHS Manager, having joined the NHS via the national Management Training Scheme, and has held a variety of management positions in both strategic and hospital settings.

Dr Lynsey Warwick-Giles

Dr Lynsey Warwick-GilesResearch Associate, University of Manchester

Lynsey is a health policy and services researcher with a background in sociology and psychology. She has experience with qualitative research methods, including interviews and observations. Her research interests span the NHS and Local Authority with a focus on commissioning, integration, partnership working and health inequalities.


Support staff

Avril Porter, Administrator
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Avril works in the administrative section of the Department of Health Services and Policy Research and provides administrative support to PRUComm.

Tommy Bullen, Communications Officer
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Tommy provides communications support to PRUComm, inclduing managing the website and press enquiries.