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Policy Research Unit
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The core PRUComm team comprises Stephen Peckham (Director, PRUComm, Kent/LSHTM), Kath Checkland (Deputy Director, PRUComm, Manchester), Pauline Allen (Deputy Director, PRUComm, LSHTM), Anna Coleman (University of Manchester), Imelda McDermott (University of Manchester), and Dorota Osipovic (LSHTM).

The Unit budget allows for input from a broad range of analytical staff and a panel of consultants.

Stephen Peckham Stephen Peckham, Director, PRUComm

Stephen has over 20 years’ experience of health services and policy research having previously worked in the voluntary sector and local government. He has also been PCT non-executive and board member of a number of voluntary organisations. He has a particular interest in primary care, public health and organisational research. Read more >>

 Kath ChecklandKath Checkland, Deputy Director, PRUComm

Kath is a GP and an experienced researcher at the University of Manchester, in the health policy field. She has a particular interest in GP-led commissioning and in health service organisations, and leads research projects in this area. Read more >>

 Pauline Allen  Pauline Allen, Deputy Director, PRUComm 

Pauline has researched health services governance for over 15 years after a first career as a company commercial lawyer. Her research interests include commissioning and contracting for health services, competition and co-operation in the NHS and different types of providers to the NHS. Read more >>

 Anna ColemanAnna Coleman, Research Fellow, University of Manchester

Anna is a Senior Research Fellow, with a background in policy and research in local government. She has particular interests in cross-boundary (local authority and health) working, the scrutiny and governance of health services, and patient and public involvement. Read more >>

 Imelda McDermottImelda McDermott, Research Fellow, University of Manchester

Imelda is a Research Fellow, with a background in applied linguistics and psychology. Her research interest is in health policy and the organisation of health services. Read more >>

Steve Harrison (University of Manchester)
Steve has been researching the impact of health policy for over 30 years and is one of the foremost experts in the field. His recent research has focused on primary care, performance measurement and commissioning. Steve retired in March 2011 and will be a continuing source of expertise to PRUComm. Read more >>

Marie Sanderson (Research Fellow, LSHTM)
Marie has a background as an NHS Manager, having joined the NHS via the national Management Training Scheme, and have held a variety of management positions in both strategic and hospital settings.  Read more>>

Lynsey Warwick-Giles (Research Associate, University of Manchester)

Dorota Osipovic (Research Fellow, LSHTM)
Dorota has a background in sociology and social policy. Her interest is in social attitudes to health care, social care and other areas of the welfare state, in particular with regards to a tension between normative attitudes and social practices Read more >>

Valerie Moran (Research Fellow, LSHTM)

Avril Porter
Administrator, LSHTM
Avril works in the administrative section of the Department of Health Services and Policy Research and provides administrative support to PRUComm.