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We provide evidence to inform
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on commissioning to maximise
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Our goals and activities

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Check out the Health Policy, Politics and Organisation Group (HiPPO) which investigates innovation in primary care organisations.


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The journey to the common: What is the role of the voluntary sector?


Projects and publications

New publications

Review of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) in England

This report reviews the evidence of effectiveness of QOF in the context of a changing policy landscape. Read more>>


Improving GP recruitment and retention needs a long-term strategy

This report is an evidence synthesis on GP recruitment, retention and re-employment. Read more>>


Alliance contracting, prime contracting and outcome based contracting: What can the NHS learn from elsewhere?

This report summarises the findings of a literature review of the available evidence concerning the characteristics of these new contractual models and their implementation in other sectors. Read more>>


PHOENIX: Public Health and Obesity in England - the New Infrastructure examined

This is a final report of our project examining the impact of structural changes to the health and care system in England on the functioning of the public health system, and on the approaches taken to improving the public’s health. Read more>>


Commissioning through competition and cooperation

This is a final report of our project investigating how commissioners in local health systems managed the interplay of competition and cooperation in their local health economies, looking at acute and community health services. Read more>>


Primary care co-commissioning: Uptake, scope of activity and process of change

This interim report explores the significant changes to the work of Clinical Commissioning Groups in England as they took over varying levels of new responsibility for commissioning primary care services from April 2015. Read more>>


Study on the use of contractual mechanisms in commissioning: Final report

Download report [pdf]>>


Eight National GP Worklife Survey report

This is a report from the 8th national surveys of General Practitioner working conditions and attitudes to primary care reforms. Download [pdf]>>

Other publications


News and events

Commissioning for health improvement following the 2012 health and social care reforms in England: what has changed?

Read our paper published in BMC Public Health

PRUComm research review 2016

Read more>>

Public Health and Obesity in England – the New Infrastructure Examined

Read our latest blog

Pricing in the English NHS quasi market

Read our latest paper published in Public Money & Management

Interrogating institutional change

Read our latest paper published in Public Administration

GP added value in commissioning

Read our paper published in Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

PRUComm evidence to the Health Committee

PRUComm provided written evidence to the House of Commons Health Committee's inquiry into Primary Care. The written evidence can be accessed here [pdf] and the Committee's report can be accessed here [pdf]

The Future of Commissioning

A one day seminar hosted by PRUComm to provide a forum to discuss current commissioning issues and system change in England. Read more>>

Examining the impact of the Health & Social Care Act: Research seminar examining developments in the English health system 2013-15

A one day seminar hosted by PRUComm on 26th April 2015 to discuss issues related to commissioning policy in England. Read more>>

The Multiple Purposes of Policy Piloting and Their Consequences: Three Examples from National Health and Social Care Policy in England

Pauline Allen's paper quoted in recent Guardian's article. Read more>>